The annual Kansas City Golf Show took place this past weekend at the Overland Park Convention Center. This was a great opportunity for us to promote all the things we do as a Section and Foundation. With the amount of junior golfers at the show, we were able to promote our PGA Jr. League Programs, Drive Chip and Putt, and Junior PGA Championship. This was also a great time to invite our PGA HOPE Ambassadors and give them an opportunity to share their story but also recruit new Veterans into our programs. However, the biggest hit at the show was our PGA Members giving free 10-minute lessons to anyone who attended. The line for this was always long and kept our PGA Members busy.  This year we had twelve PGA Members volunteer to give lessons at the Golf Show:

Sean Dougherty, PGA

Gianna Augustine, PGA

Ray Stawinski, PGA

Paul Hooser, PGA

Steve Harrison, PGA

Randy Towner, PGA

Evan Scobie, PGA

Bob Usher, PGA

Dave Hanson, PGA

J.B. Kim, PGA

Parker Janssen, PGA

Rick Reynolds, PGA