Betty Allison Junior Golf Course (a par 3 course) hosted the annual Elementary School Golf Tournament on April 13th.  TriGolf kits were purchased by the Heart of the Ozarks Junior Golf Foundation for all Springfield elementary schools in 2007 and are used as part of the PE curriculum.  The kid friendly equipment is used in the Elementary School Golf Tournament which had 48 juniors participate from six schools this year.  All juniors and parents were served hot dogs, chips, lemonade and cookies along with an evening full of fun.  Rick Grayson, PGA Professional at Rivercut Golf Course stated that all schools received a certain amount of money to help purchase PE equipment depending on their finish in the tournament standings. Grayson along with Dorl Sweet (a deceased Midwest PGA Hall of Fame Inductee) started the Heart of the Ozarks Junior Golf Foundation 23 years ago.  Read more