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What Is SNAG?

SNAG® stands for “Starting New at Golf”. It is a FUN game that is EASY to learn and can be played ANYWHERE. SNAG™ contains all the basic elements of golf but in a modified form. Falling somewhere between miniature golf and regulation golf, SNAG allows for full shots, pitching, chipping and putting. Its design makes it both safe and portable, allowing instruction, practice and play to take place both inside and outside.

How It Works

Utilizing its own simplified rules and terminology, called “SNAGology,” SNAG® adds fun to the learning and playing experience. The SNAG ball, slightly smaller than a tennis ball and covered with a loop material, has a limited distance with the average player hitting it a maximum of 50 yards. The target, called the Flagsticky™, is an above-ground weighted cylinder covered with a hook material. Unlike golf where you finish out by putting the ball into the hole, in SNAG, you SNAGout by sticking your ball to the Flagsticky.

SNAG has only two clubs: the “Launcher™” is used to launch (full shot), pitch and chip the ball. Like a putter, the “Roller” is used to roll the ball on the “Short Stuff.” All shots other than rolling (putting) are played off a small rubber mat and tee called the “Launch Pad™.” This ensures that the player will love an optimal lie every time. Each Launch Pad™ comes with three durable rubber tees.

For more information regarding the Midwest Section PGA SNAG iN School program contact:

Jeff Burey, PGA
Director of Golf iN Schools

or for general information/resources on SNAG visit: